What To Do For Hemorrhoids Pain

It may not be uncommon that people will scratch their anal fissure, only to find that it becomes worse and leading to hemorrhoids distress. Being unaware of what is happening can cause the piles or hemorrhoids to become chronic and unbearable. Keep reading to learn what to do for hemorrhoids pain if that is making a hell out of your life.

When you have a mild or moderate case of hemorrhoids, it may be quite painful to pass stool. Doing so can even cause some bleeding and nerve irritation. Some individuals even develop a rash after doing such a painful act. So your safest bet is to make sure hemorrhoids never develop at all.

Exercise. Nothing can get through your system faster than exercise. It gets your bowels moving, gets rid of toxins in your digestive system, and helps to strengthen your abdominal muscles.

So get plenty of exercise, especially if you are very obese. Lifting small weights will help to build up buttocks and sides. Engage in leisure activities, and have a regular, daily walk for at least thirty minutes a day.

Pain and Swelling in your ANUS spot?
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This will strengthen your abdominal muscles, plus reduce any fat deposited in that area. It will also relieve constipation. If you are too lethargic to exercise, a stroll around the block will be fine. Don’t sit or stand for long periods.

Drink Lots of Water. Your system uses water to transport vitamins and minerals through your body, and you’re hurting yourself if you’re dehydrated. Try to consume at least six to eight glasses of water everyday, and raise your consumption when you’re feeling especially stressed or tired.

Eat Fruits. A lot of people with hemorrhoids often believe that fruits will cause constipation. However, contrary to this belief, it’s the healthy fiber present in the fruits that prevent constipation. Try adding to your diet fresh blueberries or cranberries as they are rich in antioxidants.

Whole grain cereals, such as bran, make a good alternative to rice if you are fond of rice. Bran is very easy to digest, and it not only soothes the digestive tract, but also don’t get stuck in the colon for too long.

Oatmeal- is a very nutritious whole grain. It provides dietary fiber which helps keep your hemorrhoids moist and helps eliminate them naturally.

Salmon- is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, which make your body more resistant to problems like inflammation, hemorrhoids, heart disease and cancer. It also helps lower cholesterol levels.

To help soften the stools and lubricate them for easy passage, use a petroleum jelly or lubricant. Products containing witch hazel or Aloe Vera leave a cooling sensation over your affected areas and this will further ease the pain caused by hemorrhoid. Products containing magnesium or zinc may relieve the discomfort, as well.

Pain caused by hemorrhoids is usually more intense at night and may be relieved by using either a warm wet pack or a warm towel. You can try some warm tea bags or warm milk to relieve the soreness.

Use a warm bath to help soothe the irritation of hemorrhoids and to remove any excess stool. Before soaking in the bath, lie on your side and apply body weight on your pelvic area. Elbows should bend toward the floor as you slide in the bathtub. Make sure you purchase a bath ball, or some other waterproof device that will allow you to smoothly slide the whole of your body in the tub.

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Whereas healing usually takes only one or two weeks, it will take even longer for you to notice the results. You will also need to bear with the hemorrhoid pain during the healing process. You will not be able to escape from it until it’s nearly healed.