Best way to stop bleeding hemorrhoids

If you ever have that “shocking” look on your expression when you see blood in your stool, then you are not alone. Bleeding hemorrhoids is pretty prevalent for most folk regardless of your gender or ages. In fact, there always a debate on going in deterring what’s the best way to stop bleeding hemorrhoids.


Best Way To Stop Bleeding Hemorrhoids?

Is there going to be ANY?

To be truthful, I won’t believe in the so-called “BEST” way or approach to address any ongoing hemorrhoids issue. Each and every human being is unique, that is, their health and wellness status tends to differ. Thus, what works for patient A might not have the same beneficial impact to patient B. Having said that, there are always some remedies which works for most victims and worth giving a try.

Following are some natural remedies, which are widely adopted by hemorid patients in ending their suffering.

1. Warm water “miracle” effect. This is usually an easy and effective remedy that had been long forgotten by many. The heat from warm water can have an amazing effect in shrinking your swollen piles as well as healing any bleeding hemorrhoids. What you need is just a bathtub, filled ¾ full with warm water. Soak your bleeding hemorrhoids in it for 15mins for each treatment. Repeat this 3 times each day till your pile cured.

2. Ice compression technique. This is often regarded as a cheap and ice cubeseasy remedy to address hemorrhoid anguish. What you need is just some ice cubes wrapped in a soft cotton cloth. Apply it to your bleeding hemorrhoids for 15 mins. After which, take it off and apply it again after 15mins of rest. Continue this treatment for at least 3 rounds. You will observe relief from your hemorrhoids swelling, inflammation and discomfort.

3. Natural Aloe Vera approach. You can easily get any aloe vera gel or cream from all major pharmacy stores. However, I would still prefer to buy natural aloe vera plant and trim of its leaf to make use of the watery flesh. Slowly message your bleeding hemorrhoid with this and you would find instant comfort from your pile distress.

4. Disposable baby wipes. Give up your rough toilet roll. Start using baby wipesbaby wipes to clean up your anus spot. Your dedicate anus area need “special” care. Using rough texture toilet roll will cause your fragile rectum to bleed, leading to hemorrhaging.

As mentioned, there are numerous ways to have your bleeding hemorrhoids treated. It’s important that you seek treatment swiftly and not allowing the symptoms to deteriorate. In fact, you can have it treated as FAST as within 48 hours from HERE!