Best Treatment For Hemorrhoids At Home

As adults, most people who are diagnosed with hemorrhoids will have a persistent complaint over their life and would be actively looking for best treatment for hemorrhoids at home.

Best Treatment For Hemorrhoids At Home

Typically, by middle age, half of the population is suffering from at least one of the typical symptoms, including rectal itching, hemorrhoid bleeding, and even prolapsed (hemorrhoid that protrude outside of the anal canal) hemorrhoids.

Most hemorrhoid sufferers will experience some degree of discomfort during their lifetime as the veins in and around the anus become inflamed and irritated.

Itching, burning, swelling and a lumpy appearance may occur around the anus or in the lower rectum, or the upper rectum and thighs. If left untreated, the condition can result in anemia and chronic constipation, which further aggravate the hemorrhoids.

Pain and Swelling in your ANUS spot?
Most traditional hemorrhoid treatments, such as over the counter creams, ointments and suppositories do not do what they are meant to do, and simply provide relief from the condition, without actually getting rid of it. Fortunately there is an EASY METHOD that cures piles naturally in 48 Hours, already proven by thousands to have eliminated pain & embarrassment for good!

Some people choose to purchase creams, suppositories and suppository sprays over-the-counter as well as prescription medications and topical anesthetic ointments to treat hemorrhoids swelling.

This is because these over-the-counter treatments are less expensive and because they can be purchased at a local drug store. The downside of purchasing over-the-counter over-medication is that they don’t address the underlying causes of hemorrhoids, so they are only temporary relief. These medications can also lead to side effects that may not only affect your daily activities, but can also lead to more serious conditions.

Although most hemorrhoid treatments come in the form of over-the-counter ointments, there are a variety of other treatments for hemorrhoids which you can try at home.

These include the use of herbal treatments like witch hazel. or aloe vera. Witch hazel is a natural agent that will help ease the discomfort associated with hemorrhoids.

In order to avoid the unnecessary discomfort of hemorrhoid treatments, it is advisable to look into more natural treatments or an all-natural hemorrhoid treatment regimen.

For example, a diet rich in soluble fiber and water will help reduce the amount of pressure placed on the affected area. This type of dietary modification allows the body to heal itself and the veins that have become irritated, making the symptoms of hemorrhoids less prominent.

Hemorrhoids can also be treated by applying a cold pack to the anus for twenty minutes each time you sit down, as well as a cold compress before going to bed each night.

You can also apply a warm bathwater soaked cloth to the affected area and then relax the muscles. When hemorrhoids become more severe and red, you may want to consult with your doctor about surgery, but the best method of treatment for hemorrhoids is still a holistic approach.

Cornstarch or baby powder applied to the hemorrhoid area at bedtime, or before going to bed, should also be effective in reducing the pain and itching as well as prolonging healing time.

Hemorrhoid sufferers should always keep the affected areas clean and dry at all times, so as to allow the affected area to heal on its own.

You should also ensure that you drink adequate plain water each day. Over-hydrating is a leading cause of hemorrhoids.

Lifestyle – Getting plenty of exercise, a reasonable diet, and plenty of rest is important as well to shrink your hemorrhoids. Resting and recovering is very important so that the body does not store extra water in the form of feces.

Having a bowel movement when you wake-up or before going to bed is also very important. Just taking a leisurely walk everyday is another great way to reduce stress, and reduce your chances of hemorrhoids.

The urge to have a bowel movement should never be overruled. Never suppress the urge, and never give in to the impulse to have a bowel movement. This can result in over-active bowel movements, which can be uncomfortable and annoying, leading to hemorrhoid flare-up.

Natural Remedies Still the BEST Option?
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Many people are turning to natural remedies instead of over-the-counter treatments because they can be more effective and cost less. This includes herbal remedies, which can be found online and at health food stores.