5 foods to avoid with hemorrhoids

You may occasionally had hemorrhoids distress out of the blue. The piles can come without much notice; tolerate you for weeks and goes off silently. You could have sought help from doctor but the relief rendered doesn’t seem to be permanent.

I do have this situation in which my hemorrhoids does seem to get cured only for short term. After numerous research and studies, I had finally discovered that my persistent hemroids is linked to my diet regime, more specifically the types of food that I used to have.

Having said that, what are the foods that I had avoid to safe me from getting piles?


1. Coffee and alcoholic beverages. For me, I don’t really consume lot of alcoholic drinks so that won’t be an issue for me. BUT, I do drink lots of coffee beverages (at least 6 cups of coffee each day). Coffee will dehydrate your body, making your stools harder.

2. Pastries, usually those creamy and sweet ones. I have them together with my coffee drinks. As these goodies are low in dietary fiber content, they tend to make you suffer from constipation.

3. Red meat & Eggs. These are the routine food that you will find on my meal, especially eggs. I used to have them almost every day. Eggs are extremely high in proteins, which can lead to bowel difficulty.

4. Chocolate. Taste good right? I usually have few bars of dark chocolate at home and enjoy them during the night. But chocolate seem to make worse my anal itching, leading to hemorrhoids flare up.

5. Spicy foods. I love spicy eastern meals, especially the Asian garlic & chili pastes. Never seem to get tired of them.

To summarize, always go for food rich in dietary soluble fiber and take in adequate plain drinking water daily. Avoid spicy and sweet stuff, as they tend to make you having constipation.

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